Commercial Metal Roofing Goes Contemporary

Commercial Metal Roofing Goes Contemporary

Texas Fifth Wall Brings Commercial Metal Roof Vision To Life

Metal Roof with finish out of Perforated Metal Soffits

Finished Out the Ceiling Of The Rooftop With Perforated Metal Soffits

According to The Contemporary Austin’s vision statement, it “…aspires to be the contemporary art museum for Austin and an essential part of city life. Through its unique combination of urban and outdoor sites, The Contemporary will embody an eclectic and collaborative spirit.”  The Jones Center on Congress Avenue is a stunning contemporary venue in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas, offering skyline views from the Rooftop and close proximity to many Austin hot spots.



Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Expertise Shines With Installation Of Interior Perforated Soffits and Snap-Lock Standing Seam Metal Roof


Project Highlight: Emily Morgan Hotel – Copper Roof

Project Highlight: Emily Morgan Hotel – Copper Roof

Texas Fifth Wall Roofing part of historic Emily Morgan Hotel rennovation.

Article from mySA:


written by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje | July 5, 2017

Historic Emily Morgan hotel sees major update

When it was time to replace the copper roof atop the historic, 13-story Emily Morgan Hotel — something that hadn’t been done in the building’s 91-year history — the project leader knew he needed a team of workers with a special set of skills.

Why? Because the top of the downtown hotel is done in the slanted Art Deco revival style that was all the rage in the 1920s. And when we say slanted we mean slanted.  As in, a 67-degree-angle, which is almost two-thirds of the way to vertical, a 90-degree angle. We’re talking scary-steep metal, all nice and hot under the broiling Texas summer sun, and almost 160 feet up from the ground.  The building, which stands at East Houston Street and Avenue E next to Alamo Plaza, was originally a medical arts building and completed in April 1926 at a cost of $1.55 million.

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Project Highlight:  Answered Prayers

Project Highlight: Answered Prayers

KNLE, The Candle 88.1 FM is the only radio station in the Austin area that solely plays music from independent Christian artists and has been serving the community for over 25 years.  In addition to the radio station, Sherland Priest, the KNLE owner and General Manager, serves his faith and his community in a variety of other ways including prayerful advocacy for the needs of friends, family and his music ministry.   It was after one of 2016’s area rain storms that Sherland happened to share with a close friend, Mitch Elengold, that the roof on the KNLE facility leaked badly every time it rained.

Texas Fifth Wall Roofers roll out and install TPO membrane on the roof at KNLE, The Candle 88.1

As Blessings go, this casual comment moved Mitch to take action. Mitch contacted Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems, Inc. to see if there was an interest in helping. Indeed, Texas Fifth Wall’s vision is to find ways to help our community whenever possible. Although a bigger project than we are typically able to undertake for charity, Fifth Wall agreed to provide labor and materials to replace the roof on KNLE’s facility.

Once again, this casual comment motivated Mitch to take action:  He made a few phone calls, sent a few emails, and paid a visit to a few friends.  Soon, cash donations to support the effort rolled in from friends, family and associates.


Contributors that made it possible to replace the roof on KNLE’s facility include:

Texas Fifth Wall Roofers secure the TPO membrane on the roof at KNLE, The Candle 88.1

BJ Electric, Inc.
Central Baptist Church of Round Rock
Hill Country Bible of Round Rock
K&N Management
New Life Church Austin
Team Flooring, LLC
Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems, Inc.
The Family of Bill Hertel
The Family of Mitch Elengold

And a special shout out to Mitch Elengold for bringing this to the attention of each of us.




Project Highlight:  Lago Vista ISD

Project Highlight: Lago Vista ISD

Scott Perry, Chief Estimator with Texas Fifth Wall served an integral role in achieving the goal set by architect Randy Fromberg of Fromberg Associates LTD to bring the asthetic value desired when completing the Lago Vista ISD project.


“The one thing we were concerned about was the performing-arts center,” said Scott Perry, chief estimator at Texas Fifth Wall. “The front of the building is radiused, and we were concerned that the panels would not follow the radius without creasing or deforming, which would not deliver the desired design aesthetic. The engineers at Fabral confirmed that the panel had enough flexibility to follow the curve. They said it would work and it did.”

See complete story at Commerical Architecture.



Project Highlight: Woodbolt International

Project Highlight: Woodbolt International

Woodbolt International, LLC contracted with HCBeck, Ltd., in 2013 to construct it’s new offices in Bryan, Texas and is located near the Texas A&M Traditions area across from the Aggie Golf Learning Center.  Named number 505 on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2013 and number 51 on Inc.’s Top 100 Texas Companies, Woodbolt develops, markets, and distributes Cellucor, a sports nutrition supplement and other general wellness products. Its vision is to be the highest achieving and most respected nutritional life sciences company in the world.


The new facility is about 90,000 square feet and includes a warehouse, gym, café and office space for employees.  According to the project announcement published by in 2012, CEO and Owner, Doss Cunningham’s desire was to build a facility that makes coming to work fun and wanted it to be a “Facebook meets Google meets Nike type of thing”so architects and other project contributors were challenged to be creative and unique in every aspect of the design. “Nothing that looked like it came from a factory” was the mantra.

One way this was achieved was to use industrial materials in unique ways. For example, WoodboltInsideP350x245the Learning Center auditorium has an exoskeleton of randomly sized marine grade stainless steel panels with hidden fasteners. Each panel is separately attached to form a highly artistic, down-to-business look and feel that welcomes visitors as they approach the entryway and extends into the main lobby.

On other sections of the facility, metal roof panels, tilt wall panels and glass are used to achieve a very creative and unique feel to the facility. Individually, the lines and textures are very industrial and mechanical which denotes the serious nature of the business to be conducted but it all comes together in a creative and modern way that is a testament to the innovative culture of the company.

Woodbolt-CubeOutside350x251In addition to installing the roof, Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems installed the wall systems for the Learning Center and the roof panel areas. “To refine the industrial look of the stainless steel panels to achieve such high artistic quality – and to produce it efficiently and reliably – was a challenge,” said Scott Perry, Texas Fifth Wall Project Manager. “Producing the individual panels at our sheet metal shop in Austin, transporting them and installing them in a specified sequence required a high level of coordination and organization from design to installation. Judging from the response we have received, I would say that our efforts were successful.”

Project Highlight:  The San Antonio International Airport (SAIA) and Terminal Expansion Project

Project Highlight: The San Antonio International Airport (SAIA) and Terminal Expansion Project

March 10, 2011
As the single-largest capital improvement project in the history of San Antonio, Texas, the SAIA Terminal Expansion is a significant investment expected to serve the community for decades. Not only did the completion of the $200 million expansion pose unique design challenges and construction risks, it was also completed in the midst of a fully operational airport.